It all started with a sketch and a crazy idea for a vacation.  Below you can find details of both.  Even further down the page, you can find details about the planned parts and upgrades, and the specs for parts currently in development.


The Sketch

This sketch started my new obsession and is the basis for the future look of my TrailBlazer.  The upgrade will surely be a slow process.  Many of the items involved in the build will be completely custom or at least highly specialized, and they are all fairly expensive.  You may ask, why make a vehicle so extreme?  Let me give you a quick background.  I live half of my life behind a desk and computer screen (welcome to engineering world).  I want to live the other half as far from that as possible... seeing the world we live in.  My fiancée and I tend to live quite active lifestyles; I need a vehicle that can accommodate that.  Camping, biking, kayaking, commuting (what?), and otherwise enjoying nature are just some of the activities that this vehicle will be built for.  This is not to mention the fun it will provide in any sort of terrain.

Of course, my motivation would not be complete if I did not mention the amazing trail beasts built up by other members of  Below you can see their vehicles, which stand as proof that these vehicles can be trail-rated (its not just a Jeep thing after all).


The Trip

The trip is the brainchild of my future wife, and I couldn't have found better motivation to keep going with the build-up.  Out of the blue one day, she said, "It would be fun to drive across the US... take the back roads, stop in little towns, taste the local flavor..."  I added, "and explore some little-visited places along the way?"  

This escalated, and now we both are looking forward to our transcontinental vacation.  Now keep in mind, there is a ton of planning and logistics still to be completed, but for now, its a good lofty goal.  If nothing else, it provides a great motivation to make this truck all it can be.  Below you can see a very rough idea of the trip, essentially taking a Northerly route to the Pacific, and a Southerly route back home...  or vice-versa.

In the near future, you will be able to find details about development of some of the custom pieces, future equipment, and future modifications planned for the TrailBlazer.  This section is still in development.


The Plans

This is the latest modification list:

     - Recovery / Camp Equipment (ongoing additions)
     - Winch Equipment
          - Bridging Ladders
     - Auxiliary Lighting (ongoing upgrades)
          - Upgrade Roof Lights
          - Rear and Side Lighting

     - Lift & Tire Package
     - CB Radio
     - Underbody Protection (ongoing additions)
     - Oil Pan Skidplate
     - Fuel Tank Skidplate
          - Radiator Skidplate
     - Rear Spare Tire Carrier
     - Roof Rack
     - Custom Rock Sliders
     - PCM Tune
     - Front Bumper
     - Winch
     - Safari Snorkel