If I do a write up or take multiple pictures during a trail ride, I'll link to them in the section below.

Otherwise, I post pictures on my Trailvoy.com photo gallery.

George Washington National Forest, TECORE II

The Trailblazer East Cost Off Road Event, part deux!

  George Washington National Forest, Flag Pole Run

I went out with a buddy from the Expedition Portal forum.  Great trail, great day.

  Rausch Creek Off Road Park, PA

Rausch Creek is known for their rocky trails.  We certainly found them.

  Trailvoy East Coast Off-Road Event (TECORE), GWNF

I hosted the first annual TECORE during the weekend of April 17th.

Visit the website at TECORE.offroadTB.com for details on next year's event once they are posted.


  Rocky Mount, VA, Chestnut Mountain

I had some fun practicing recovery techniques while traversing the locally infamous Chestnut Mountain.


  George Washington National Forest, Long Run Trail

No video this time either.  Lots of pictures though.  They can be found in the related thread link.

  George Washington National Forest, Flag Pole Run

No video this time, but here's a photo of me working my way over a rock shelf along the trail.

  George Washington National Forest, Dry River Run

I ran this trail with a group of Jeeps from JK-forum.com.  We had a great time despite the rain.

Part 1:

Part 2:

  Lazy Saturday Trail Run

A fun little trail that is close to home.  Thus dubbed the Lazy Saturday Trail.

  Green Ridge State Forest, ORV Circuit

This is a great run, not too far from home (two hours).  As seen in the video, it is passable with a stock SUV.  4WD did come in handy.

Biking - Jefferson National Forest, Brush Mountain

I know its not off-roading in a truck, but it's along the overall theme of this website.  This is what I do when not in the driver's seat (or sitting in front of a computer, do'h).